When we say puberty, it always comes next to our mind the scenery of relevant changes to the human body. The female body is such a beauty in a timeless idealized feminine nature. In this stage, girls grow hair all around their private area which is called the Pubic hair. These are increasingly a struggle for young women that will think what should they do with this rapid growth of the hair.
Removing the hair in the private area are one of the methods used to maintain the hair not to become more visible, it is being performed by trimming or shaving. Some people have thoughts about these process which is somehow a harmful act, but as a result, they will feel more comfortable, fresh and visibly looks cleaner. As it seems it is reasonably true that it requires skills and caution to perform such an act for it may damage these intimate zone or area whenever subcutaneous fibers will gather under your skin.

According to one study, 23% of all women over 18 years, use the razor to remove their pubic hair. Shaving has consisted of 5 simple steps: cropping of hairs with scissors, wash with water, rubbing lotion, shaving and then nourishing creams.
Here are Some Reasons Why you should Not Shave your Pubic Hair


Horrible Rashes

You have to double up gentleness and extravagant careful when you do shaving around the pubes because it’s evenly difficult which may be caused you rashes. This condition happens every time you rush or having a quick shave without using any proper cream, shave, razor or you accidentally hit a skin in the wrong direction.
Solution: Try wearing comfortable cotton underwear to make your pubes fresh whenever you are making a moment of a walk, if possible, 1 hour walking with the cotton underwear will be enough to help you suit the itchiness. Then apply products like moisturizers or baby powder to the painful and itchy spots.

Risk of infection

Most of the women prefer to have a shaved pubic hair but under this period of such armed belief, the power of this hair is to provide an amazing defense against infections and bacterias.

You can catch herpes easier

Herpes is a disease that causes painful spots on the skin. Pubic hair also protects you from molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, and even herpes.


Subcutaneous fiber

Sounds familiar? It’s those small fibers instead grow normally gather under your skin and make acne.

Solution: whatever you do, don’t ever try to apply force because it can easily get an infection. Instead, every day applies the coatings in hot water in places where you have these pimples and leave skin soft. If you constantly have the same problem regularly apply the peeling of the skin during the week in order to clear dead cells.

Cut by razor

When you do shaving in a hurry or because of a bad razor. All at least once in life fail to cut them down there.

Solution: stop everything you are doing and immediately take a good mirror to see where you cut. Once you have found the place press it with pure cotton for 5 minutes until the bleeding stops. Then apply a bandage.