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The Lone Star Tick, in the scientific name: Amblyomma American. This bug is a powerful bug that can change a diet preference of a human being. This tiny bug can be found in the wooden areas and forest of Midwestern United States primarily in central Wisconsin, Texas, and Maine. It is also reported that has been seen in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Quebec. They can be found regularly in dry forested sites with shrub undergrowth and along rivers and streams near animal resting place.


Lone star ticks are more likely to have a more rounded body shape than other tick species. In a recent study have shown that one bite from this tiny red tick will cause a severe allergy to meat that you’ll permanently take it off in your eating regimen. The Loan Star Tick’s saliva carries an alpha-gal that will infiltrate the bloodstream. Its bite can release an antibody into its victims that make’s them allergic to alpha-gal, a sugar found naturally in meat and products made from animals.


If this alpha-gal from the tick start to enters a human body via the blood stream, the immune system identifies it as a threat and releases antibodies to combat the intrusion, that will result in an allergic reaction that includes hives, swelling and vomiting. In severe cases, some people choke and lose their breath.
So for those people who are overweight and want to loose weight but can’t help their self to eat meats with high in cholesterol and fats, this is a whole heap of good news. If you already bitten by Lone Star Tick Just always remember to avoid eating red meat or any other animal meat to keep you from itching, swelling, choking and vomiting. Fortunately poultry and fish are all alpha-gal-free so if you are bitten with Lone Star Tick, there won’t be any reaction and harm.

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