Our home is one of the important place in our life because this is the place we live together with our loved ones, so we should make it sure that our house is always clean and away from any diseases that are commonly carried by fruit flies and other bugs that can bring harm to the health of our loved ones.
We also don’t like when there are cobwebs on the walls and in the corners of the ceiling of our house, So the only thing that we should do is to maintain a clean and tidy house that is not attractive from insects or any bugs. But the problem is no matter how we always clean our house environment the bugs and insects always find a way to get back in our house.

So that’s why we create this article to share with you this plant that can help you get rid of those tiny insects that may harm you and your family.
How to get rid of them?
One of the best alternatives to use aside from anti-insect products that you can buy in the market with full of chemicals that can also harm your health is Peppermint. Did you know those small insects do not stand the smell of the peppermint? Good idea right? – You can plant this at your home to ensure that tiny insect won’t come back again, with peppermint which is more efficient than those products in the market you can easily get rid of them.

The Plant known as mint, has a strong flavor that will help you protect your home, not only with spiders but also with different harmful insect and bugs especially fruit flies that carry bacteria that can cause disease. You can also mix a small amount of essential oil of mint with water about ten drops in half a liter of water and pour into a sprayer.
With the help of this mixture, you can have an alternative insect spray repellent that is more natural, safer and more efficient to use. The smell of the peppermint plant can also give a good ambiance and smell into your home that can help you relax and relieved stress. It is also a gorgeous additional decoration in your house that can add a boost of beauty in your home.
So what are you waiting for? Start planting peppermint plants in a pot and put inside your house as many as you want. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and loved ones. Have a great day ahead. Enjoy!


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