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All you need are 40 young walnuts and 1 kg honey!

Wash well the young walnuts, dry them, cut them in quarters, put them in a jar and then pour honey over them. Close the jar well and left it stand for one month.

During that time the walnuts will get darker.

Note that when cutting the walnuts is best to wear gloves because they release black color which is hard to wash out from the hands.

The ones at the image are just placed in a jar, when they stay for some time they become darker as well as the honey and eventually you will get dark syrup. You need to take a spoonful a day.

Young walnut fruits dipped in honey are releasing compounds which they have in them. They contain large amount of iodine which is easily inserted into the body.

The young green walnuts, (Juglandis immaturi fructus) have a lot of vitamin C and are rich in vitamins and is given to the the sick, weak children and the people with anemia. The young green walnuts mixed with honey have positive effects in the cases of anemia, and are helping in purification of the liver, stomach and the blood.

They are also helping with dysfunctions of the work of the thyroid gland, diseases of the throat and the respiratory tract, in particular bronchitis. They are good for increasing the immunity, are suitable for climacteric difficulties, obesity and chronic respiratory diseases. Also are establishing physical, mental and energetic balance, are increasing the hormone activity, helping in recovery of cells, and neutralizing the action of the toxins.

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Source: Natural Medicine Box

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